Ria Graduates with Cum Laude from University!


13 September 2022 – Today, Ria, one of our children, graduates from university. She was majoring in counseling education at UNDIKMA (Universitas Pendidikan Mandalika). She also graduates with excellent grades and becomes one of a few cum laude graduates. “Without Peduli Anak, I would never ever dare to dream of even going to a university,” said Ria. She also added that she’s very grateful for all the counselors and staff in Peduli Anak who have helped her from day one until today. 

Ria joined Peduli Anak when she was in grade 3. She dropped out of school due to a lack of care and support. As a result, she was neglected and referred to Peduli Anak by the Social Agency. Since then, Ria has always become one of the brightest students at school.

While waiting for her graduation ceremony, Ria joined our teaching staff at the Primary School. She is the homeroom teacher for the second grade. As a teacher, she wants to be a good role model for her students.   

Congratulations, Ria! We hope you can share your knowledge and become an inspiration to the Peduli Anak children to reach their dreams.