Proud! Egi Wins Speech Contest


8 March 2023 – Egi, one of our children, participated in a speech contest representing Peduli Anak Primary School. The contest featured students from other primary schools in the sub-district. At first, Egi was nervous about the competition, but he overcame his fears after going on stage.

With his heart beating fast, Egi greeted the audience with excitement. He delivered his speech with excellent intonation, captivating the audience with his words. His speech was about gratitude, and it left an impression on the judges and the audience.

As the results were announced, Egi’s name was called out as the winner of the contest. The crowd erupted into cheers and applause. It was a moment of joy and pride for Egi.

Through this contest, many people acknowledged Egi’s skill in delivering a speech. He also stated, “I want to participate in other speech contests with bigger scales. So, I need to practice more to develop my skill in delivering speeches.” Egi will represent the sub-district Lingsar at the provincial level. 

Egi’s story is a testament to the importance of giving every child a chance to pursue their dreams. With the right support, guidance, and encouragement, children from all backgrounds can achieve remarkable things.